Floor-to-Ceiling Bathroom Remodeling Across Colorado

With Matrix Bath Systems on your side, bathroom remodeling couldn’t be easier. Just consult with our expert designers to build your perfectly personalized tub or shower—and then relax while our remodeling crews install your new fixtures in as little as one day. Whether you want style, durability, accessibility, or affordability, we offer custom-fabricated, antimicrobial products that guarantee a lifetime of hassle-free enjoyment. As a premier bathroom remodeler serving homeowners throughout Colorado you can’t go wrong with Matrix Bathroom Systems!

For fast, affordable floor-to-ceiling transformations, contact us today to learn more about our bath remodeling services:

- Replacement Tubs
- Replacement Showers
- Bath Conversions
- Accessibility Products
- Shower/Tub Accessories
- Flooring, Lighting, and More!

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Matrix Bath Systems

Comprehensive Bathroom Finishing Services

When you think about a bathroom remodel—whether it’s a basic tub replacement or a full floor-to-ceiling renovation—the words “easy” and “affordable” probably aren’t the first to come to mind. And for good reason! Most bathroom remodelers charge an arm and a leg for slow, mediocre work that can leave you without a functioning bathroom for weeks at a time. Given the time, cost, and stress of such remodels, there simply has to be a better way—and there is! At Matrix Bath Systems, we specialize in one-day bath remodels that are just as cost-effective and low-stress as they are durable and long-lasting. From accessible bathing upgrades like walk-in tubs to custom tiling and glass block wall installations, we’re your one-stop shop for bathroom transformations at an affordable price.

Bathroom Remodeling

When most people consider their dream bath remodel, they think about the end result: dazzling new features, a more cohesive design, and gorgeous touches of personal style. But the final look isn’t all that counts—the remodeling process is important, too. And for stunning renovations done with zero stress, less time, and minimal cost, homeowners throughout turn to Matrix Bath Systems!


Give your bathroom a fresh, new look with a new shower from Matrix Bath Systems! Our top-rated showers for your home have innovative features and stylish looks. Plus, our affordable remodels cost a fraction of the price of a traditional renovation. We provide top-rated products and exceptional customer service—we want you to enjoy the process of renovating your bathroom as much as you love the final result! Choose us and see the Matrix Bath Systems difference for yourself!

Walk-In Tubs

For seniors and those with limited mobility, walk-in tubs are an ideal choice for getting the safety and security you need to maintain bathing independence. However, you don’t have to sacrifice on style to get the security your family deserves! At Matrix Bath Systems, we carry top-of-the-line walk-in bathtubs that are customized to your unique situation. From stylish designs and accessories to walk-in tub installations, we are the one-stop shop for accessible bathing solutions for homes across the region.

Bath Conversions

Bathtubs and showers both have their benefits, but that doesn’t mean that they are both the right choice for every home. When you need to swap your tub or shower for a feature that better suits your lifestyle, Matrix Bath Systems is the team you can count on for fast and affordable bath conversion.

Additional Services

Although bathroom remodeling often begins with the room’s most utilized features, there’s more than just tubs and showers to a beautiful and functional bathroom design. If you’re looking to make the most of your bath remodel—not only in terms of comfort and style but long-term value, too—why stop short of your ideal bathroom? With the help of Matrix Bath Systems, you can enjoy an all-around bathroom upgrade with efficiency and cost-effectiveness from our skilled remodeling crews.