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Matrix Bathroom Systems is one of the well renowned Bathroom Remodel Contractors in Denver. We believe in providing you complete peace of mind and with us you can feel free to interact for the resolvement of your issues. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we stick to it. When you choose us for your bathroom renovation or remodeling work, then rest is assured that everything will get completed on time. We are licensed and insured, not only this, we have so many years of experience in handling bathroom fitting and remodeling work ensuring to provide you high quality services within no time.

A Bath Remodel Made Just For Your Family

Your bathroom should be a comfortable space that suits your daily routine and adds style to your home. And by working with Matrix Bath Systems for your bath replacement, that’s exactly what you’ll get! Our replacement bathtubs are never off-the-rack; they’re always specifically designed and custom-fabricated for each individual household. Learn more about the benefits of our baths below—or contact us today for a custom, itemized project quote!

  • Durability: Our replacement tubs are built from heavy-duty acrylic that won’t show signs of damage or deterioration, even after years of heavy use.
  • Design: For a cohesive, eye-catching update, you can choose your bath system’s color, pattern, and accent styling. If you’d like a more complete transformation, add some elegant bath wall surrounds or custom flooring!
  • Cleanliness: Because our new bathtubs are imbued with powerful Microban® protection, you won’t have to spend hours cleaning to get a fresh, mildew-free tub.
  • Variety: Your new tub is sure to fit your lifestyle because you have complete control over its design! Whether you want classic style or accessible entry, we have a wide selection of baths to meet your needs.

Our Services: Know Us More

Bathroom remodeling contractor in Denver provides you with well-managed renovation services. Our services are efficient & perfectly suit the style & taste of our customers. Our modern facilities ensure complete satisfaction from the customer’s end. We strive and thrive to provide our services at market with competitive rates.

  • Reliable
  • Long-lasting
  • Hassle free services
  • Remodeling services delivered with utmost perfection
  • High- Quality product installation
  • Luxurious Services

Our Process: Feel It Like No Other

Our bathroom remodeling in Denver and other installation and renovation services include design, installation, and complete project management, with the utmost care and numerous service and facilities provided.

Design: Feel The Lush!

Our team of experts can help you get through the latest designs and trends in bathroom fittings that fit your needs and requirements making it look like exquisitely renovated and Enticingly beautiful!

Project Management and Ways

Our project manager will look after all the planning and coordination activities. So, you don’t have to worry about your bathroom remodeling work, it is insured and assured along with contracted with, on papers for the authentication. It ensures that your entire work is in the safest hands and the work will get completed on time without any hassle.


Our professional installers are well experienced in their field and highly expertised. They have a proven track record of excellence and have been doing the installation work for quite many years marking their state of experience.

No matter what type of space you have, we help you get the remodeling work done at an accurate cost and the best quality!

The Best Design Ideas: Spark Your Creativity!

If you are really looking for more stylish and creative features, then there are so many styles as well as designs available right here. Our team of expert and creative professionals can help you get through the latest fixtures that can fit well in your bathrooms. We make every possible effort to keep you happy and contented with our work being it unique, innovative and professionalised.

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Across the region, homeowners trust Matrix Bath Systems for gorgeous replacement tubs ready in as little as one day. Find out how affordably we can remodel your tub by calling us or completing our brief online form now! One of our bathroom designers near you will be in touch to schedule your free detailed cost estimate. For an even more affordable remodel, be sure to ask about our zero-money-down financing plans!